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What is Helmet Diving?

Helmet Diving is a fun and safe form of guided underwater exploration that allows non divers and non swimmers the opportunity to explore and experience the underwater world. Helmet Diving has become very popular because it does not require any training (beyond a short pre-dive safety briefing) and people of all ages, from 12 to 80 can enjoy the experience of underwater exploration, even non-swimmers! And all the equipment is provided by the operator. 

How It Is Done

Undersea trekkers enjoy the comfort of a diving helmet that allows them to breathe normally, while keeping their head and hair dry, essentially in a giant air bubble! This makes it easy to equalize pressure in your ears and provides great visibility – you can even wear your glasses or contacts while helmet diving!

After a short boat ride to our dive platform, you put on the helmet and descend a ladder about 15 feet to the ocean floor, guided by a qualified divemaster

A continuous flow of air is pumped into the helmet by an air compressor on the surface – so you always have lots of fresh air at just the right pressure. You are never more than 20 feet underwater, so it is quite safe. But it feels plenty deep if it’s your first time!

The group then enjoys a 25 minute tour of a coral reef, observing marine life and feeding tropical fish.

You ascend the ladder back up to the raft and return to Tropical Bliss beach to check out the photos of your adventure and enjoy the rest of the day at the beach, if you choose.

Trident Undersea Trekking uses the Aquanautas helmet diving system – the most advanced technology available. It allows us to closely regulate the air supply and has numerous safety features, including a back-up air supply.

Join the thousands of non-divers who have experienced the wonder of undersea exploration through helmet diving – visiting a coral reef, feeding a school of colourful fish, or simply experiencing the thrill of being underwater. All of these exciting adventures are possible by helmet diving with Trident Undersea Trekking!

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